World Famous Movie Stars - episode 4


It was so difficult for Cinderella to catch her fish! So many unsuccessful chases, jumps, dives and attempts in order to catch just a few salmons during a day. Kambalny river bears' catch wasn't as abundant in 2013 as that of bears from Kurile Lake, Khakatsin and Etamynk spawning rivers, flowing into Kurile lake. And the distance between Kambanly and Kurile lakes isn't that great by Kamchatka measures.

World Famous Movie Stars - episode 3


Sometimes young bears ate fish remains left by Cinderella. Fresh fish smells so good! When there was no chance to dine on her food leftovers they licked the rock that retained fish odor!

World Famous Movie Stars - episode 2


Every morning I came to the river and saw Cinderella sitting on a large rock in the middle of the river, which was considered the best location among local bears. Early in the morning the female bear was one of the first bears coming to the shoals area and climbing on the rock. Poor girl, she kept yawning - probably didn't get enough sleep.

World Famous Movie Stars - episode 1


Have you seen Land of the Bears - a documentary shot on Kamchatka Peninsula? Every source which provides information about the film tells us the name of its director - Guillaume Vincent, France. But there is not a word about Russian leading actors, who made this filming possible largely thanks to their remarkable performance. Moreover, they worked for free. I would like to correct that glaring injustice and to introduce several Russian actors starring in that movie whom I know personally.

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