Kitten on a Log


4/29/2014 Views: 8619
 Kitten on a Log

Hi everyone! I am back after a month of shootings in Primorye, Kedrovaya
Pad Nature Reserve. A month without internet, radio or TV! It was awesome! 

As early as last November when the snow first started I was walking through
the forest in Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve when I saw Amur leopard tracks
which led to the log across the Kedrovka river. A few years ago during the
rainy season flood waters probably washed out soil from the tree root plate,
the tree lost support and the big trunk fell across the river. During the rainy
season rising water makes it difficult for the leopard to cross the river. So
the animal found its way by walking across a fallen tree acting as a natural
bridge. Back then in November I decided to photograph the leopard while it
was crossing the log bridge. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it in the winter
because leopards were not seen in the area over a long period of time. I had
to postpone photographing until spring when leopards appeared again.

During a month of photographing in the forest the leopards crossed the log
bridge three times: two times in the morning and one - at night. Today I
would like to show a leopard kitten at night - one of the three kittens born
by a female leopard named Kedrovka.

Stay tuned!


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