World Famous Movie Stars - episode 1


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 World Famous Movie Stars - episode 1

Have you seen Land of the Bears - a documentary shot on Kamchatka
Peninsula? Every source which provides information about the film tells us
the name of its director - Guillaume Vincent, France. But there is not a word
about Russian leading actors, who made this filming possible largely thanks
to their remarkable performance. Moreover, they worked for free. I would
like to correct that glaring injustice and to introduce several Russian actors
starring in that movie whom I know personally. 

Meet Cinderella - an actress (already world famous) and a female bear.
Cinderella is a resident of the Kambalny River located on the Kamchatka
Peninsula. Why Cinderella? She's got that name because she is an achiever.
I haven't seen such a hardworking fisher among female bears. There are as
many fishing tactics (or almost as many) as there are bears. Cinderella
wasn't just lucky to get the fish, no one drove fish towards her and she
didn't get the best fishing spot, she never stole or took away fish from other
bears. Cinderella worked hard to achieve results. Moreover, her fur color is
brown with a slight golden tint. That is why I call her Cinderella. 

The banks of the Kambalny River are covered with snow and ice until
August. Summer is very short there and all living beings quite literally fight
for the right to realize their summer plans within a relatively short time.
Once snow covering the river banks starts to melt, the grass is immediately
starting to peek through and reintroduce itself on the snow free surface! It's
a spectacular and unusual combination of green trees and grass with ice and
snow. Today there's snow on the ground, tomorrow - there's grass, and a
few days later - the land is a blooming garden. Wildlife changes every day
with amazing speed. 

Sometimes it is very hot during the day and bears come here to lie in the
snow and cool down. That makes an interesting effect - you feel as if you
have entered a well air-conditioned room. It's really hot outside but you
don't feel it. Bears often lie in the snow or on ice for hours - relaxing and
enjoying the chill. Some of them come out to play or fight in the snow. You
don't get this anywhere else - brown bears, snow, greenery and flowers at
the same time - real profligacy of colors!

At night the temperature drops sharply, sometimes to zero or even slightly
below zero. But each living being is committed to survive frost and freezing
rolling up into a ball and to welcome the warm morning sun. The snow сover
in the riverbed first turns into a series of tunnels, then collapses and forms
separate vaults and arches which melt and fall into the water as the
temperature rises.

Unlike other bears, Cinderella did not change her fishing location. Of course,
bears can abandon or change their fishing locations but there are some that
don't - for many years. Even during the years when fish was in short supply
as it was in 2013, I was amazed with Cinderella's accuracy and consistency.
Every day she came to the same fishing spot, climbed on the rock in the
middle of the river to get a good view and waited for the first fish to glisten
and sparkle with scale in the water. Although the river carries cold waters
from Lake Kambalny, in the morning its waters are steaming due to a very
low air temperature.

Find out more about world-wide famous Russian movie star in my next blog
post! Stay tuned!


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