World Famous Movie Stars - episode 2


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 World Famous Movie Stars - episode 2

Every morning I came to the river and saw Cinderella sitting on a large rock
in the middle of the river, which was considered the best location among
local bears. Early in the morning the female bear was one of the first bears
coming to the shoals area and climbing on the rock. Poor girl, she kept
yawning - probably didn't get enough sleep.

An hour later, when the sun rose over the mountain, a local dominant male
bear named Winnie - just another movie star - swept on to the stage out of
the bushes. When you look at him you will realize that this bear has a very
distinct appearance - his body size and that look on his face - you will
understand at once why he has got that nickname. Cinderella had to take a
hasty leave and to offer her seat on the rock to a higher ranking bear in the
shoals area. So she moved to another rock downstream. I will write about
this guy sometime later as it is a really outstanding character in both literal
and figurative sense. But while Winnie- lazybones is not awake, Cinderella
can do a little twirling. Who knows, someone might see her photos online
and offer her a role in another movie.

Cinderella was chasing fish loping in the water and jumping from one
slippery rock to another with amazing gracefulness, agility and rhythm. Her
wet fur glistened in the sun and repeated the female bear body movements
swaying from side to side like the fringe. Her fishing behavior involved
chasing fish in the mountain river waters and that is not one of the easiest
fishing tactics. On Kuril Lake bears do fishing in comfortable pebble shoals
where they can easily run through a creek. But here the fishing is much
more difficult and requires skill as well as incredible tenacity and
coordination, because in fact most of the rocks in mountain rivers are
unexposed and are located under foaming and roaring icy-cold waters. No
one except Cinderella knows how she managed to get and maintain ground
on such slippery underwater "steps". 

Cinderella was very tolerant of young bears. Young adult bears came to the shore and watched her chasing fish - their curios faces showed a strong interest and not just curiosity. It was a
real fishing master-class in a mountain river. None of them could perform Cinderella's pirouettes and leaps on the moss-covered and slippery stones.When other bears stole fish which she was trying so hard to catch Cinderella avoided confrontations and just went away to look for another fish.I was sitting at a distance on the river bank a few dozen meters downstream. 

Once Cinderella seemed to forget that I wasn't a bear, she moved a few
meters closer to me, raised her head and then guiltily retreated back. It
looked like she wanted to apologize for breaching my comfort zone and
forgetting that I was human. A few days later she got used to me, stopped
paying any attention and wholly devoted herself to fishing. 

To be continued...


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