World Famous Movie Stars - episode 3


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 World Famous Movie Stars - episode 3

Sometimes young bears ate fish remains left by Cinderella. Fresh fish smells
so good! When there was no chance to dine on her food leftovers they licked
the rock that retained fish odor!

In 2013 there were some new residents in the Kambalny River area. It was
their first summer alone without their mother and they really experienced
hard times. Some young bears were of smaller weight and size and they
would probably be unable to build enough fat reserves to safely survive the
winter in a den. That year the nature turned unfriendly to the young - fish
was indeed in short supply and moreover, the young bears were less skilled
at fishing than the adults. There was also no dead or spawned-out fish
around to pick up and satisfy hunger. So a few young adult bears were
wandering along the river banks where Cinderella was fishing eating plants
and hoping to dine on adult bears leftovers. You cannot come too close to
adult male bears; adult females are also very different in nature. Some of
them may scare a young adult away so bad that it will run a hundred meters
away without looking back. But some female bears are calm and nice like

One of the young adults, dark brown in color, waited patiently on the river
bank for Cinderella to catch another fish and go to the thickset dwarf pine
for rest. When she left he entered the river and tried to repeat what he had
learned during the master-class.

After a while Cinderella hastily returned to the river - just like a football
player from the locker room after getting coach-to-player instruction - alert
and fully refreshed. Let's begin the score - a rolling stone gathers no moss!
There was a large underwater pit down the river. Bears kept away from it
but Cinderella knew that this pit was a stopping place for fish. Fish rested
there before storming the river rapid. The female bear approached a rock
near the pit, looked down, sniffed and plunged its head under the water thus
trying to find out whether the fish was already there or not.

If the fish was already there Cinderella jumped off the rock and belly-flopped
into the water. The force of her body created a huge splash. The purpose of
the "splashing" method was not to catch fish but to scare it, pull it up from
the pit and make it go upstream.  Mortally scared fish leaped from the pit
and ran upstream to the river rapid.

Cinderella had to jump out of the pit in less than no time and to move
quickly from one rock to another, making huge leaps in order to catch up
with the fish in shallow waters and exposed rocks where it was completely
defenseless. Cinderella kept moving popping out of the water which
streamed down her body.

Like a professional swimmer jumping out of a swimming pool, this huge wet
fur ball jumped out of the pit and set off through the slippery rocks at a
great pace trying to catch up with the mortally scared fish. 

To be continued ... Stay tuned!


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